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Get to know the stories of these incredible hand-picked group of women that represent the FEM-Intimate Feminine Portraiture Boudoir Experience and Janioris Photography for 2022!

My name is Cheyenne and I have the privilege and honor to be one of Janioris’ MUSES for 2022. I am a proud wife, mother of 3, UCF Alumna, a working mom, and most of all a Child of God. I have had the joy of being able to travel to different parts of the world, serve and mentor in my local church and community, and find unique ways to be a blessing to those around me.

To understand my journey through the intimate feminine portrait experience I should provide a brief background into who I am and how I was raised. I was raised in a conservative home that instilled some great values but there were also other misconceptions that shaped how I would view intimacy and femininity. I grew up with beliefs that wearing certain clothes, no matter how I felt in them or the true reason behind why I would want to wear them, was purely for sexual reasons. This belief combined with other misconceptions and body insecurity issues would impact the way I viewed the world around me and ultimately lead to an abusive marriage.

After I left my abusive marriage, I began to work on myself and attend regular therapy sessions. I was starting to unlearn those unhealthy beliefs and truly heal from my past traumas. I was in therapy for years and even though many parts of me were being mended, my body insecurity issues remained.

I saw a friend post about her Intimate Portrait Experience with Janioris, and I was blown away by her photos. I reached out to get more information but uncertain if I felt like I could do it or if I would even like the results. Janioris was so kind, gave me the information for the shoot, but allowed me the space to decide to do the shoot in my own time. I finally made the choice to do this for myself. I took the time to find the outfits that I felt strong, confident, and beautiful in.

I was still insecure and uncertain about the final product after the shoot, but then I had my photo reveal. I was blown away by the woman I saw in those photos. She was the woman I always wanted to be, and I finally realized that I was exactly who I wanted to be. This one experience allowed me to move through my final hurdle of body insecurity. I am a completely different person, for the better, after this experience.

Since my first photo shoot with Janioris I have learned how to love myself even with the imperfections. That self-love has allowed me to be a better mother, especially to my two girls, a better partner to my wonderful husband, and a more confident woman to advocate for myself. I will forever look back at my experience in these sessions as the catalyst for the woman I am today and my future self.

My name is Charlotte. I am just a small town girl who grew up in Brooksville, Fl. My grandma was the glue that held our family together, when she passed I saw quickly how life and people changed. It made me realize I needed to stop wasting my time on trivial things and start living my life to the fullest. I spent a few years trying to mend broken relationships and decided I needed to start living. I met my now husband in 2015 and we got married a short 12 months later. Life has not been the same since. Every day is an adventure with him. We have three amazing fur-babies but we are still hoping and praying for our miracle.

A friend of mine had a boudoir photoshoot with Janioris and I was in awe, the photos were beautiful and she was stunning but I didn’t think I was worthy or beautiful enough to do something like that. I finally took the plunge and booked my first shoot. I booked it out a year because I had goals of being in the gym every day to get in better shape so I could be “beautiful” enough for these types of photos. Well life happened and I didn’t make it to the gym like I wanted to but I already had the photoshoot booked and paid for so there was no backing out now. I went to my photoshoot and met a beautiful soul named Janioris. She made me feel so incredibly comfortable during the whole experience I forgot I was even in lingerie! When I left my session I felt beautiful and sexy at the same time, something I have never felt before. My first session let me find a woman I never knew was there, it gave me confidence I never knew I had, it has had me stepping outside of all comfort zones I have ever had!

I have learned that self-care is a very important part of all aspects in my life. It has helped the relationship with my husband grow and become what it is today. I would love to leave behind a legacy where women like myself feel comfortable, beautiful, powerful and sexy in their own skin. I want all women to feel comfortable doing what makes them happy and not afraid of what others think or say. I want to be a body positive influencer for women.

My name is Karina and I am 30 years young. I have 2 children, 1 girl and 1 boy. They are my motivation and purpose for living my best life. I love to travel and enjoy doing puzzles. I love to challenge myself in all things and try to do different things when possible.

To get a little more personal, I have gone through many things in life, as we all do. One thing in my life that has helped me become the person I am today would be the chapter in my life with my ex. We were together for 4 years and in that time, we laughed, we cried, and we loved. I was 17 turning 18 years old when we met, and I was young and naïve; I was in love. I had not experienced life yet but wanted to experience it with him. We had a handful of great memories but also some memories that I used to regret. I did things that I normally would never do and honestly, I did not recognize that girl in the mirror anymore. I would always blame him for the things that we went through and things that I decided to do because of his influence but throughout the years I learned to stop blaming others and take responsibility for myself. This was the turning point for me. I met my boyfriend, Luis, after this time and we have been thriving for 8 years now. Since day one, Luis has always told me that “You cannot make others happy if you are not happy with yourself.” These words have always stuck with me.

I cannot express how much self-care is so important for the soul. I started doing more things for myself lately to help better my mood and just self-peace. I get facials, massages, and manicures regularly. I have noticed this has helped lift my spirits and has helped me feel human again. After having my kids, I did lose track of caring for myself because it was always the kids this or the kids that. I gained more weight than I would have liked and just felt as though I was just existing.

I was introduced to Janioris at the most perfect time. She made me feel so confident during the shoot and then the results were just EVERYTHING! I gained this confidence in myself that I have never experienced before. I learned to appreciate my body and walk with my head held high. I hope my story can help at least one woman gain their confidence back.

Remember ladies, YOU are worthy, YOU are beautiful, and YOU are loved!

My name is Tiffany. I am a single Mom of a beautiful 10 year old girl and an energetic 7 year old boy. They are my source of strength along with my Savior Jesus Christ. I love music, dance, spending time with my children and any kind of new adventure.

I became a wife and stay at home mother at nineteen years old. I put alI of my time and energy into fulfilling those roles as best as I could. Making sure my spouse at the time was reaching his full potential and the same for my children. But I wasn’t putting that energy into making sure I was reaching mine.

Without realization I lost myself in the process. That only became clear to me when, life as I knew it, was flipped completely upside down in 2021. My relationship of 16 years and marriage of 10 years ended abruptly.

All I knew how to do was be a good supporting role. I had no clue how to be the main character. I always believed I couldn’t be. Moms are supposed to be selfless right?

I’m unlearning those thoughts right now. My Experience with Janioris was the first time I allowed myself to do something for me and only me, because I deserved it. Being selfless comes at a cost. If all you ever do is give, you will forget to give or keep anything for yourself. You cannot be productive to anyone if you’re running on empty. And sometimes as mothers and wives we get really used to running on empty and call it strength. We must learn to keep some of that love and energy we give so freely to others, for ourselves.

Being photographed by Janioris was my first experience of feeling as though “I was worth it”. Worth the cost, worth the time and effort to prepare, and most importantly worth being reminded that what you do for you is also an expression of what you’re doing for your family. They need you confident and happy before they need the perfect dinner plate set before them.

One thing I want my daughter to know is in order to save others, you MUST first save yourself. You cannot give what you do not have. You must be a priority, too. Our nurturing nature makes us self-sacrificing. But even if it doesn’t feel natural. It is necessary. You are worth it! To PROPERLY care for anyone else, you must first care for you.

My name is Minelli, I’m 32 years old and a mom to two beautiful princesses and one little prince. I have been together with my wonderful husband for 10 years and this coming June it will be our 8th wedding anniversary. I’m a very outgoing and friendly person and love to meet new friends.

Boudoir photo shoots have affected my self-concept because now I have accepted the way my body is. I’m not so worried about what people think of me. It also has taken me out of my comfort zone when it comes to lingerie and clothing. I’m loving myself even more than what I did before doing a photo shoot.

Caring for myself has affected my relationship in a good way because I love myself I can love others too. Mostly it has affected my relationship with my husband in a wonderful way because when I’m with him I feel sexy and confident about myself.

The most important legacy that I want to leave behind is that my girls know how to feel confident and love themselves no matter what. I also want other women to know that you don’t have to be a size small or zero to be beautiful.

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