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I build body and bedroom confidence for the Christian woman through boudoir photography and intimacy education in Central Florida and virtually, all over the world. 


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As women become more confident with their femininity, they’re able to foster better relationships, especially those which require vulnerable intimacy.

My passion is lifting the taboo surrounding intimacy and sensuality for the conservative wife and helping her rediscover the sexy woman hiding behind the mom bun. As a recovering perfectionist, I know what it's like to look at yourself through an unattainable lens in all your facets. My favorite thing about what I do is helping women see themselves perfectly through their imperfections and begin to address their flaws with more gentleness and kindness. Come discover you can be a masterpiece and a work-in-progress at the same time. 

i help you believe that You are a masterpiece

Our annual celebration of feminine intimacy and other events that help you connect, grow and get inspired with other women. 

Noir Night & other events


A luxe photo experience with a team of professionals to help you see yourself as an exceptional work of art,
exactly as you are right now.

Intimate feminine Portraiture


One on One Coaching in my programs:
"6 weeks to Wedding Night Sex"
"Amplify Your Intimacy"
"Inner Radiance, Outer Confidence"

Personal Intimacy Coaching


Learn poise, presence and power in front of the camera and in person to leverage your femininity in business and in relationships.

The Complete Confidence Course


How can I help you?

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Step into a world where every element is an ode to your femininity, a celebration of your essence. From the expertly curated atmosphere that exudes empowerment to meticulously crafted products with unrivaled luxury and precision. Together, we will tell the story of your triumphs, your faith, your losses, and your love — a celebration of you, in every lavish detail.

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"Thank you for giving this experience to us BOTH. After 10 yrs together, spark is STILL burning. We really loved them. And as conservative as he is, he DID NOT mind these. Such a great celebration of embracing each other in a deeper level, and after kids….much needed. To be brought back to a place of more playfulness, feeling young, and still loving on each other. Thank you. Your work ripples down to couples in ways you can’t even imagine." 



"Having been in a place where sexuality was a total distortion, I am filled with hope at the fact that God's original and only plan for a man and a woman is pure and from a place of passion that's fueled by unconditional love. Thank you Janioris for stepping out of the box and creating a space where sexuality can be celebrated in the light of our Creator, and where our husbands can look no further."



"I have had years of emotional abuse focused on my image. I have worked hard to get to a point that I loved what I saw in the mirror. Since reveal day I haven't had a moment of self doubt about the way I look and I have been able to fully believe that I am absolutely beautiful just the way I am. No one will ever be able to convince I am not attractive again."



"I have a completely different perception of myself after my session. My transformational mindset happened at my photo reveal. Worth every penny!!! This one experience fixed mental blocks I have been working on for years with a therapist."



"Janioris transformed my life forever, gave me a sense of self that I never had before. Always seeing myself with the eyes of low self-esteem, this experience boosted me up to the max. She made me feel comfortable all the way. The pictures give me a reminder that I too am beautiful and when i feel down those are my go-to to pick myself back up. Not to compare myself to anyone. It reminds me of my worth."

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