After 17 years photographing women in different capacities, one thing has become clear: every woman battles insecurities that not only affect how she presents herself in front of the camera but also how she conducts herself in every other capacity of her life. So now, my work not only involves capturing beautiful images but also helping women embrace their self-worth and enhance their relationships through education. The more I can educate and inspire, the more impact I'll have in empowering Christian women to build confidence in both their bodies and their intimate lives by exploring the intersection of faith, intimacy, and relationships. The Complete Confidence Course and One-on-One Coaching Programs help support your personal journey. 



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Cultivate complete confidence in front of the camera and in real life and leverage your femininity in business AND in relationships. Enhance your ability to pose confidently, command presence, and wield power effectively in business, social and relationship contexts.

Complete Confidence Course

I walked out transformed...


"Janioris is an absolute stunner !!! She is everything you want in a photographer and in a friend. From encouraging to channel your inner goddess to showing you exactly how incredible you are. Seeing her work, her views/beliefs, and the way she truly shows you how much of a Masterpiece you are, inspired me to want to work with her - to wanting to align myself with the same mindset. I walked out transformed and highly encourage anyone who's debating on working with her to take the leap. I am confident that you will not regret it. She is absolutely the best and will slay at anything and everything."

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Whether you are just a month or two away from wedding night sex, want to amplify your intimacy in a seasoned relationship or want to build confidence in yourself before entering a commitment, one on one coaching opportunities exist to cater specifically to your individual journey, answer your questions and walk you to your aspirations.

One on One Coaching

Close the 6 week cycle by effectively reaching your program goals and decide on your next steps, as needed.

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"After 10 yrs together spark is STILL burning! Such a great celebration of embracing each other in a deeper level, and after kids….much needed. To be brought back to a place of more playfulness, feeling young, and still loving on each other. Thank you my friend, your work ripples down to couples in ways you can’t even imagine."



"Janioris has the most amazing ability to quiet the negative self talk and be the best hype woman you never knew you needed.  I can never thank her enough for the new positive attitude towards myself."

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