Rose Garden Valentine Boudoir Session

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Ms. E: A story of resilience.

Ms. E didn’t only come to get the perfect surprise gift for her hubby on Valentine’s Day but to celebrate her personal journey of defending her femininity. After fighting and conquering breast cancer and heart disease, two of the most prevalent “women-killers”, her strength and resilience as a woman is more radiant than ever. In order to be physically and emotionally present for her husband and children, she had to shift her priorities and place herself and her recovery at the top of the list. That meant undergoing multiple surgeries, one of which resulted in dramatic and life-altering weight loss.

Now, on the other side of all the things that tried to defeat her, she stands a victor. She gives all the glory to God for her healing and is grateful He gave her the tenacity to endure the process. On May 4th of this year, she will be celebrating five years since she rang the bell that meant she was cancer-free!

As someone who is still trying to make this new body her new home, Ms. E was apprehensive about purchasing lingerie. Instead of worrying about it, she trusted me! I chose this sleek and sophisticated bodystocking to hug all of her curves and give her just enough coverage to feel comfortable but sexy! We call this piece: “Brooke” and its one-size. Clients in standard and plus sizes have utilized this piece and loved it! So keep it in mind for your next session.

Of course, even though this experience was a gift to herself, she said “He sooo loved the pictures!!!!” And in that gorgeous, leather-bound acrylic triplex, who wouldn’t?? Her words are the most meaningful to me: “Thank you!!! For bringing out that confidence in me…”

Thank you, Ms. E for letting me be a part of such a personal celebration of femininity, health and spirituality. You are an inspiration.

If you’re ready to celebrate your femininity journey, click HERE to book your Deland, Fl boudoir session.

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