3 Ways to Personalize your Wedding

Vintage Wedding Centerpieces
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Looking for ways to personalize your wedding?

Are you tired of the same cookie-cutter wedding planning checklists and Pinterest boards? Maybe you are a bit like me. I got married just a year ago and while I loved all the pretty wedding things, they just didn’t “feel like us”.

If you’re inspired to make the day unique without breaking the bank or copying every typical wedding blog out there, this is for you.

Decor you can repurpose.

Most of our centerpieces were thrift store finds of items that told a story about our hobbies, life events or interests. My husband plays piano and I sing! I am a photographer and he works in movies! And we both LOVE traveling, especially to Paris! Now, those items have been repurposed throughout our home in creative ways. We did not invest in overly priced centerpieces that we were then stuck trying to sell at a fraction of the cost through garage sales, Facebook groups or resale apps while they sat useless in our newlywed living room.

Here are some ideas of places to go to for fun finds:

  • Goodwill and other local thrift stores
    • Remember these thrift stores are usually filled with items from the community so visit several and visit multiple times throughout your wedding planning as items are continually changing and different communities have different hidden treasures
  • Hobby Lobby
    • I know that’s not a thrift store but they have amazing deals constantly and you may find some unique pieces filtered by theme which will save you time
  • Garage Sales
    • Look especially for “Moving Sales” or “Estate Sales” as they may include a broader variety of items from people that have a greater urgency for getting rid of their belongings and are likely more open to negotiating prices.
  • Ross, Marshall’s, Beall’s Outlet or TJ Maxx
    • I group these because they have a similar theme which is surplus stores. These are stores that carry
      a limited amount of items left over when requirements have been met in specialized stores. This is an opportunity to find quality items for less than retail prices. *Look in the home decor section with an open mind*
  • Your loved ones!
    • You may be surprised at what grandpa has in his attic or what mom has tucked away in a box in the closet! These items may be particularly special because they have their own stories that are in some way attached to you or people you love and they make incredible statement pieces.


Do-It-Yourself Projects.

If you’re like me you look at things on Pinterest and say to yourself, I can totally do that! Choose up to 3 projects total you will do yourself and start them early! For everything else, let others enjoy their zone of genius and make things for you. Even if you feel like you can do it all yourself, a word of caution: Choose your projects wisely! Saving money is sometimes not worth the stress and added time. Also, some projects may end up costing more to make in the end.

Questions to ask yourself before you take on a DIY project:

  • If this gets botched or I cannot complete it in time, will it significantly affect my wedding day?
  • When I add up the cost of the materials it takes to complete this project, will I actually save a substantial amount of money?
  • Is my time best spent crafting this project?
  • When I consider my abilities and skills, am I the best person available to me to complete this task?
  • Does the process of completing this project make me feel stressed, peaceful or excited?
  • Is this essential to my wedding day vision?

This incredible cake topper was a gift made by hand out of clay by my friend. You can find her on Instagram and Etsy as “Kreationz by Karolina”.

Incorporate symbols.

For me it was representations of our faith, my mother’s jewelry and little elements of homage to our relatives who are no longer with us. Find ways to include people you love and things you believe in as symbols throughout your ceremony, reception, attire or decor.

Here are some ways others have done this:

  • Sow a piece of your mom’s wedding dress on the inside of your wedding dress.
  • Include a special flower in your bouquet to represent someone who has passed.
  • Restore and use your grandmother’s veil.
  • Re-create an iconic photo of your parent’s wedding album.
  • Allow your fiancé to write a note on the sole of your shoe.
  • Have your ring bearer carry a sign down the aisle with an inside joke to your groom.
  • Use traditional attire from your country of origin during a portion of your day.
  • Pass down a symbolic item to a sister, friend or flower girl as you get ready!

Still need a photographer?

Happy to help.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to personalize your wedding day or would like to learn more about how to book us for your wedding, I would love to chat with you!
You can email me at hello@janioris.com to learn more!



Thank you to Passio Photography for our wedding photos!

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