A Peek Inside a Boudoir Session

Beach boudoir at ponce inlet
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It’s time for you.

Time for you to feel showstoppingly stunning.
Time for you to discover the beauty of your femininity.
Time for you to embody the masterpiece you truly are.
Time for your boudoir experience!


Hello Masterpiece!!

I’m Janioris, your Intimate Feminine Portraiture photographer and a recovering perfectionist.

My favorite thing about what I do is helping women see themselves perfectly through their imperfections and own being a masterpiece and a work-in-progress at the same time.

While this is considered a “boudoir” session, you are more likely to hear me say you are beginning an Intimate Feminine Portraiture Experience. That’s because I want it to be exceptionally clear what we are working on together here. This session is about more than just sensual images. Together, we will have an experience that focuses on everything that makes you female! Starting with your mind, exploring your emotions and showing you the masterpiece that is your body.

This is for mamas of littles and mamas of mamas. For wives and single ladies, bosses and those on their grind, for the creative and the analytical, for the curvy girls and the athletic girls. For women who know the power of femininity in all our roles.

The first step when you book an experience is preparation. You will receive a workbook to help answer all of your questions about what to expect. We can also schedule a video chat or in-person consultation to help put you at ease.

Preparing your Mind

Your FEM workbook will begin to frame your mindset! Sexy is a state of mind! And we will walk through all the tools you need to think of yourself in light of all the qualities that make you a work of art. From the inside out!

Before we go any further, I need you to do some inner work. Because the pictures themselves won’t change you.

What will change is the quiet confidence you carry.
What will change is the strength with which you shine in all your facets.
What will change is the gentleness with which you address your flaws.

And that starts with knowing that you are a poem that begun in the heart and mind of God. You were created with a purpose that has eternal implications. You were crafted for such a time as this, with all of your talents and abilities.

For we are God’s masterpiece. [The beautiful Greek word used here- “poiema”, is translated “poem” or “poetry.”] He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10 New Living Translation (NLT)

You are a gift to this world. Everything that makes up your uniquely feminine self is amazing. That includes your body, but it starts with your mind and in your heart.

“As incredible as your body is, it’s the least amazing thing about you.”


Preparing your Body

In this section of the workbook we will talk all things hair (everywhere and anywhere), skin and nails! We will go over specific stretches to prep your body for the incredible poses you will be holding for unusually long periods of time. This will also talk you through what to consume, skin routines and hygiene best practices for a flawless experience overall. I have thought of all the things so you don’t have to!

Plus, I have a super extensive, detailed style guide with pictures of lingerie cuts and styles. I will help you decide which styles would best flatter you based on your body type and the features you most want to accentuate. We go over materials and colors until you feel completely confident about finding the best looks for you! I will also suggest where to shop for lingerie no matter your style or budget! You will bring a million and one outfits to your session and we will chat and decide which ones would be best over hair and makeup.

Enjoy a full pampering experience with hair and makeup by Leicha at The Maverick Studio or any of my creative partners and beauty professionals.

Together we will create a look that is both a spectacular impact and totally you while enjoying light snacks and a fun, relaxing atmosphere dedicated exclusively to YOU!


The Session

Gift Yourself a Sandy, Sultry Sunrise or Sunset Session at the Beach or a Private, In-Studio Vintage Claw Tub or “White Sheets” Session. You can also upgrade to a Deluxe Suite Experience, which is perfect for brides-to-be looking to make a Boudoir Session the kickstart to a Bachelorette Soirée with the girls!

I will be there every step of the way to help guide you and ensure you feel sexy and confident. You never have to worry about “looking sexy” or being “photogenic“. I will pose you from your breathing down to your toes and show you what it looks like myself so you aren’t confused. When we are not posing, we will be dancing and laughing (which makes for great photos too). Sessions run for about an hour to an hour and a half.


The Viewing & Ordering Party

Just one week after your session, we will schedule a fun and private viewing party of your images, design your stellar album and order any additional products!

You are a masterpiece, so your images will always be given to you as works of art. We offer professional grade, heirloom quality fine art pieces made with archival materials that you can pass down from generation to generation.

Boudoir Metal Estate Wall Art

You will have received a pricing guide when you first inquire with all the available collections and a la carte products you can order! No surprises. You can pay in full at your ordering party and receive an additional product selection on the house, for free! Alternatively, you can spread your payments equally over 6 months, interest-free, at the end of which you will receive your products. Either way, this is the only time to order!

This is also the moment when you will decide whether you want to sign a “Model Release Form”. This is the document that provides permission for me to use your images in public. You are absolutely not required to sign this form! If you do not, they will never see the light of day. If you do, I will use them to dispel the fears of future clients and show them what they can expect from a session.


The last part is my favorite! It’s the part when you walk a little straighter, hold your head a little higher and even sneak a little smirk when you walk in a room (even if it’s a room full of your kiddos) because you feel more in touch with your true self. And if you choose to make this a gift for your spouse, send me a reaction video!! They never disappoint.

“This was an amazing and empowering experience for me.
Janioris made me feel like I could take on the world!!!!!
We all have self doubt and insecurities, and with this experience I seen my beauty inside and out!
My strength as well.

I was probably the most shy doing this I have EVER been in my life!
Took me to a new level of confidence.”
-Ms. S

The Feeling of Being an Absolute Work of Art EXACTLY as You are Right Now is Included!


I cannot wait to show you just how absolutely incredible you truly are! Let’s get started today!
Email me at: hello@janioris.com


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