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 I love to learn from those crowned in gray hair, photos in grayscale, love that has endured challenge, starry nights, French jazz and the kind of people that have the courage to share their stories.

If you believe in profoundly personal, real-life connections, and portraits that truly portray your story, keep scrolling, I can't wait to meet you. 

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What if the shortest month of the year turned out to be the one where you made the biggest shift? Inside our Facebook group: “Intimate Feminine Portraiture by Janioris” we hosted a 28 day challenge to boost our confidence. I made suggestions for practices that will inevitably help boost your self esteem and confidence as […]

Ms. E: A story of resilience. Ms. E didn’t only come to get the perfect surprise gift for her hubby on Valentine’s Day but to celebrate her personal journey of defending her femininity. After fighting and conquering breast cancer and heart disease, two of the most prevalent “women-killers”, her strength and resilience as a woman […]

Valentine’s Day may be over but February is Heart Month, a time to remember that heart disease is the leading cause of death in women and an opportunity to raise awareness about risk factors, prevalence, and prevention. 1 in 3 women will die from heart disease and stroke – making it more deadly than all […]

Get to know the stories of these incredible hand-picked group of women that represent the FEM-Intimate Feminine Portraiture Boudoir Experience and Janioris Photography for 2022! My name is Cheyenne and I have the privilege and honor to be one of Janioris’ MUSES for 2022. I am a proud wife, mother of 3, UCF Alumna, a […]

It’s time for you. Time for you to feel showstoppingly stunning. Time for you to discover the beauty of your femininity. Time for you to embody the masterpiece you truly are. Time for your boudoir experience!   Hello Masterpiece!! I’m Janioris, your Intimate Feminine Portraiture photographer and a recovering perfectionist. My favorite thing about what […]

Beach boudoir at ponce inlet

  Looking for ways to personalize your wedding? Are you tired of the same cookie-cutter wedding planning checklists and Pinterest boards? Maybe you are a bit like me. I got married just a year ago and while I loved all the pretty wedding things, they just didn’t “feel like us”. If you’re inspired to make the day […]

Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

People always tell us: I could never do that! And I just don’t understand it.   We tell people that we are going on vacation abroad and they look at us from the corner of their eye while saying things like: “We just don’t have that kind of money” ⠀ 💰 “I can’t take time […]

Sunrise in Paris

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